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The Power of Affirmations

November 23, 2016

Too many people ignore the power that our minds have over our lives. Most people think that it doesn’t matter what we think, as long as our actions are good. And to a degree, that’s true! But the problem is that our thought patterns can make it much harder to accomplish what we want to in life.

For example, if you have a really hard test, telling yourself constantly that you will fail will more than likely cause you to fail the test. Telling yourself that you will pass may not guarantee that you pass, but it will more than likely increase your odds of passing the test!

And that is the power of affirmations. Affirmations are simple statements that allow you to organize your life around certain structures. For example, you might say “I WILL make at least a 95% on my next test.”

Let’s break down that statement. First, you are giving yourself a very specific and measurable goal. Saying “95%” is better than saying “I want a good grade” because “good grades” are not quite as measurable.

Also, you say “I WILL” instead of “I want to.” If you say that you want to do something, you give yourself subconscious room to NOT accomplish your goal. Something you will learn about affirmations is that it is important to phrase it carefully.

Affirmations are a way to basically hypnotize yourself into doing something. Have you ever seen an add so many times, and then you go to the store and see that product and buy it because it’s the one you recognize?

Affirmations work the same way. When you repeat something often enough to yourself, you will start to believe yourself. It works for negative things, like telling yourself that you’ll fail, but it also works for positive affirmations as well!

Affirmations don’t work just by themselves; you have to take action as well. Affirmations allow you to orient your life around different objectives, but you still have to take action!

You can’t sit around and wait. I wanted to learn to ski, so I told myself I would learn. After that, I bought some skis from Winter Badass, and started taking some lessons. I had to take action!

Remember this: affirmation is the tool, not the solution. If nothing is happening and you keep affirming, ask yourself if you are really taking action. Affirmations alone never helped a single person. No one. Affirmations help you focus on something you really want.

If you affirm what you want and become obsessed, you will start to see opportunities everywhere for accomplishing your goal.

If your goal is to learn to ski, you will start to notice places around you offering lessons or the best ski boots 2017; then you can start taking action to accomplish your objectives!

Now, affirm with me: “I WILL start using affirmations to accomplish my goals!”

See? If you take action you’re already halfway there!

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