Why You Should Have Something Bigger Than You To Believe In

January 5, 2017

Any time a culture starts to create technology that is more and more advanced, that culture starts to believe that they are the most important thing in the whole world, and that there is nothing more important than they are.

Our culture is rapidly starting to reach that point; we tend to scorn people who have a belief in either the traditional idea of “God” or of some other deity or concept that they worship. Sadly, I do see this as a problem. While I am not saying that you need to suddenly make religion the centerpiece of your life, I am saying that we should not discount the idea of something bigger than we are.

why-you-should-have-something-bigger-than-you-to-believe-in-1Breaking with tradition, I’m going to start with the cons of the idea of a deity.

  1. You could start to rely too MUCH on it/him/her
  2. It can lead to extremism
  3. You can start to care less about the real world

These are real concerns, and should not be discounted. Religion has had some serious flaws through the years; the Crusades, Inquisition, and Jihad come to mind right away. But that’s not all that there is to religion; here are some good sides!

  1. You have someone to talk to when you’re lonely
  2. You often have more perspective on the world
  3. You have a calm that other people can feel

It’s not the best idea to totally discount the idea of a deity because despite the fact that religion or a belief in God has done much harm to the world, it has also done much good and caused many great things to occur in this world. For example, many of the greatest artists in history were Christian. J.S. Bach, Michelangelo, Da Vinci; all those men had a firm faith and belief. The Pacific Islander cultures also have a belief in a pantheon of gods and monsters; they have the beautiful art to prove it.

One similarity that our culture shares with ancient times is a love for animals. While we don’t exactly worship our animals, we do hold them in high esteem. We rightly love them, and buy them great dog toys and products from places like Dogs Rant.

These ancient cultures would often carry their animals around in kennels similar to modern great-quality dog carriers. Loving animals can be a form of believing in something bigger than yourself; you can see the range of emotions and loves that a dog is capable of.  And because of that knowledge you will love them even more.

So maybe your solution is to love animals. Maybe you’d prefer to convert to one of the major religions, attend ceremonies of more minor ones, or simply observe your own faith. In any case, you will benefit from knowing and having faith in a force bigger than you are. You will have a better perspective on events in the world, and about yourself.