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How to Practice Mindfulness and What Is its Benefits

September 1, 2016
How to Practice Mindfulness and What Is its Benefits

Mindfulness is the act of being aware of your surrounding and thoughts. Practicing the art of being mindful has several benefits. It is a very useful tool to make a wide range of improvements to one’s life and overall wellbeing.

In simple terms mindfulness is the act of being aware of things that one usually isn’t aware of. Everyday routines that are normally done on auto-pilot are now being watched under a conscious view.

Being more self aware carry several benefits, imagine being more aware of your emotions and being able to better grasp and understand the way you’re feeling.

This will lead to increased control of mood swings and overall enjoyment of life. This also relieves emotional stress as you are more comfortable with how you are feeling.

Other benefits include improved sleeping, self-esteem boost and improved concentration. Being mindful makes you a lot more concentrated, because you are practicing to be more aware of everything: your surroundings, other people and yourself.

This helps you to concentrate on even the smallest details and everyday routines. Your thoughts and attitude towards things become more balanced.

There’s also a physical aspects of being mindful. Being mindful during sex and physical fitness increases overall awareness; and as a result the motivation to expel in these activities increases too.

By being mindful you can control substance abuse: as you are more aware of the harm you are doing to your body you will want to help yourself to change that. Overall mindfulness will help your wellbeing if practiced constantly.

Meditation is a great way to increase mindfulness:

  • Start by taking slow and deep breaths: inhale all the way through your nose so your abdomen expands and exhale through your mouth, this helps to calm you down and focus.
  • Pay attention on purpose: this helps keep your mind from wandering and indulging into unnecessary emotions and cause overthinking. I like to concentrate on fire of the candle.
  • Start to thing and understand how being aware in your everyday life can help you and others. This helps you with relationship with yourself and other people.

These simple steps can help improve your mindfulness. Being mindful is an important part of our life; but at the same time it is very hard.

Remember to take the time to practice it so that the quality of your life is improved!

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