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7 Ultimate Tips To Achieve Inner Peace Now

January 4, 2017

Sometimes life seems to push us over the edge. But worry not as there are ways to dial down heart-hurting stress.

When you are away in a secluded mountaintop or in a serene getaway, finding inner peace is quite easy. But when you are going through the daily grind, when you need inner tranquility the most, attaining serenity is almost impossible. Think of yourself –caught in the middle of a horrendous traffic or getting a demeaning remark in the office. Achieving inner peace in such trying times is certainly difficult!

Truth is, all of us have an inner lama that we can tap be employing strategic mind relaxation techniques. These techniques are very simple to do and you can even include them in your daily routine. You can also turn routine activities into sources of inner peace. For instance, if you own one of the adult trampolines reviewed at and are into a trampoline fitness routine, you can this happy physical exercise into a calming activity.

There are many amazing ways that you can squeeze into your busy day to trigger that inner Dalai Lama in you. Here let’s take a look at some things you can do de-stress amidst a stress-riddled day.

  1. Calming scent

Why wait to visit a spa when you can bring that relaxing vibe wherever you are? Spitz your favorite, calming essential oils. Try chamomile, lavender and mint. It will surely awaken your inner chill.

  1. Try the ho’óponopono

Sounds like a crazy dance step but this Hawaiian ritual is really simple to do. And it should help you tone down in difficult times. Reciting the ho’oponopono mantra several times can help ease your anger and lower down your heart rate. The mantra means “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you!

  1. Herbs to de-stress

Rhodiola is an herb that enables the body to recharge and lighten up stress. There are many other herbs that you can incorporate into your diet.

  1. Plant something

Studies have shown that gardening relieves stress more than any other popular de-stress activities. Microbes in the soil have shown to help lift mood plus the fresh outdoor air can calm the mind.

  1. A grown-up playdate

Spending some great time with your pals, embarking on trampoline workout day, or wearing and jumping in a pair of fancy jumping shoes, or playing a group sport can all help chronically distressed people bounce back and regain inner tranquility.

  1. rise-and-be-like-your-catRise and be like your cat

According to a UK study, getting up as early as 7 AM and doing some stretching can help loosen your muscles and pacify the mind. Cats have been doing and perfecting this routine since creation – No wonder they’re the calmest creature you’ll ever see.

  1. Smile – it’s the best for de-stressing.

The simplest and best mood booster turns out to be a simple smile! Whether you’re caught in a standstill or being nagged by customers or your boss, smiling can bring out that inner peace in you. Studies have shown that smiling and positive thinking can increase the production positive brain chemicals which give a calmer mind.

Though it may be hard to find serenity in a stressful situation, doing any of these tips can help ease your mind and banish worries. Do it more often and you’ll find peace of mind!

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Study Tips & Tricks

5 Simple Tips to Create the Perfect Study Space

October 3, 2016

Having a study space or corner is not only for students. In fact, everyone, regardless of age, needs to have a space where they can train their mind, where they can study.

Some people think that since they’ve already finished school or are already working, they don’t anymore need to study. But this is completely wrong.

The truth is that life is a never-ending learning process. It’s a journey towards self-development. Every day we encounter new things, lessons and experiences. And all of these are sources of life lessons.

However, these lessons are useless if we don’t process them. This is the reason why everyone needs to have a study space within their home, or even their workplace, where they can assimilate these lessons. This space should be dedicated towards developing oneself.

Below are some tips on how to keep your study space more effective.

  1. Keep your study space organized.

A clutter-free space makes it easier for the brain to assimilate new lessons. Make sure to keep your study room tidy. It doesn’t matter where your study space is located, what’s important is to keep this space organized and clean.

You don’t even need to spend a day to do this. To minimize clutter, you can perhaps place a crate, box or a pallet collar – go check to see what I’m talking about. You can store any item inside these storage options (old books, hobby accessories, crafts, etc.)

  1. Minimize distractions in the study room.

Completely eliminating distractions can be quite impossible, especially in our digital age. The nearest thing you can do is to minimize the use of it during your study session. While studying, make sure to put your digital device and gadgets on silent mode. You need to focus towards your lessons and leave the rest of the world outside.

Another common source of distraction, clutter can adversely affect your study sessions. It would surely help to keep things organized. A simple way to do this is to have pallet collars on standby, especially for storing your bulky items.

  1. Use timer.

Avoid wasting time during study sessions by using a timer. You can schedule short study sessions and break-time in between. Make a schedule but be sure to follow it. Moreover, this would also help avoid spending too much time on study sessions.

  1. Write out your goals and display it.

Setting goals is essential – not just in school but also in life. Your goal gives you direction and motivation. Write out these goals and display them on the wall of your study room. Aside from providing inspiration and encouragement, these wall posters can also be turned into design elements. I’ve seen some very artistic wall arts that display inspiring and motivational quotes. Having defined goals is vital to your success in whatever academic endeavor you’re pursuing.

  1. Add fun and creativity.

Make your session a fun place by adding some creative design elements. Perhaps, you can post motivational posters or colorful pictures or your awards. You might also want to follow a theme for your study space. This would surely help keep the ambiance lighter and more inspiring.

Incorporating these tips to your study room can help make your next study session a lot more productive and efficient.

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Music Skills Tips & Tricks

10 Success Tips For Musicians That You’ll Only Read Here

October 1, 2016

Being in the music industry is not easy, whether it is in the mainstream or just the local music scene. The music business is not for the faint of heart, nor for the thin-skinned.

Oftentimes, things are not rosy for artists and musicians. It’s not uncommon to see some artists lose their love for the craft or feel depressed. Many opt to leave music.

But always remember that for many artists, it is destiny that brings you to music. You are here for a purpose. Your music is a gift of the universe to mankind. You have to share it. Perhaps, your music can inspire someone in some distant place.

Maintaining a high spirit, remaining fixed to your goal, and keeping the same enthusiasm are an essential trait if you want to thrive in the music business. Here I have come up with some simple tips that every new artist or musician would surely find helpful in maintaining high spirits while navigating through the challenges of the music business.

  1. Continuously improve your musical gift by learning and discovering new things every day. It should give you a sense of growth and motivation.
  2. Share your knowledge to others by teaching, volunteering, and collaborating with others, especially new artists. This gives you a sense of satisfaction and purpose. For instance if you’re into wind instruments, you can train spend some time with a  local orchestra to teach them or probably write a review site about musical instruments like
  3. Stay positive and stay clear from negativity. People who are envious, unhappy, manipulative and arrogant – keep them to a minimum. Their negative thoughts can be infectious.
  4. Stay fit and healthy. Do some physical activities on your off-days. Try any sports, running or biking.
  5. Know how to enjoy. Partying is good but too much is not. Always maintain your restraint.
  6. Keep your bills in check. The music business is often not a stable source of income, especially for new artists and musicians. As much as possible, keep your finances to the minimum and avoid debts.
  7. Keep your living space clean and orderly. After spending long hours in gigs or practice sessions, all you need is a place to rest. Getting enough rest and relaxation is essential for every artist.
  8. Spend quality time with your family and close friends. Expect a lot of challenges as you go through the music industry. Having the full support and the empowering love of your significant others will surely be helpful.
  9. Take time to be in the outdoors. It should help you appreciate the world – and life itself. Go to the beach or a nearby natural reserve.
  10. Set your goals and be pro-active. Do what you can do now and don’t wait for things to come your way.

Last, and perhaps the most important tip, is to always be yourself! Don’t let the music business change who you are. Remember that your music is a reflection of your person – and that’s what makes it unique!

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