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The Power of Affirmations

November 23, 2016

Too many people ignore the power that our minds have over our lives. Most people think that it doesn’t matter what we think, as long as our actions are good. And to a degree, that’s true! But the problem is that our thought patterns can make it much harder to accomplish what we want to in life.

For example, if you have a really hard test, telling yourself constantly that you will fail will more than likely cause you to fail the test. Telling yourself that you will pass may not guarantee that you pass, but it will more than likely increase your odds of passing the test!

And that is the power of affirmations. Affirmations are simple statements that allow you to organize your life around certain structures. For example, you might say “I WILL make at least a 95% on my next test.”

Let’s break down that statement. First, you are giving yourself a very specific and measurable goal. Saying “95%” is better than saying “I want a good grade” because “good grades” are not quite as measurable.

Also, you say “I WILL” instead of “I want to.” If you say that you want to do something, you give yourself subconscious room to NOT accomplish your goal. Something you will learn about affirmations is that it is important to phrase it carefully.

Affirmations are a way to basically hypnotize yourself into doing something. Have you ever seen an add so many times, and then you go to the store and see that product and buy it because it’s the one you recognize?

Affirmations work the same way. When you repeat something often enough to yourself, you will start to believe yourself. It works for negative things, like telling yourself that you’ll fail, but it also works for positive affirmations as well!

Affirmations don’t work just by themselves; you have to take action as well. Affirmations allow you to orient your life around different objectives, but you still have to take action!

You can’t sit around and wait. I wanted to learn to ski, so I told myself I would learn. After that, I bought some skis from Winter Badass, and started taking some lessons. I had to take action!

Remember this: affirmation is the tool, not the solution. If nothing is happening and you keep affirming, ask yourself if you are really taking action. Affirmations alone never helped a single person. No one. Affirmations help you focus on something you really want.

If you affirm what you want and become obsessed, you will start to see opportunities everywhere for accomplishing your goal.

If your goal is to learn to ski, you will start to notice places around you offering lessons or the best ski boots 2017; then you can start taking action to accomplish your objectives!

Now, affirm with me: “I WILL start using affirmations to accomplish my goals!”

See? If you take action you’re already halfway there!

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Music Skills Tips & Tricks

10 Success Tips For Musicians That You’ll Only Read Here

October 1, 2016

Being in the music industry is not easy, whether it is in the mainstream or just the local music scene. The music business is not for the faint of heart, nor for the thin-skinned.

Oftentimes, things are not rosy for artists and musicians. It’s not uncommon to see some artists lose their love for the craft or feel depressed. Many opt to leave music.

But always remember that for many artists, it is destiny that brings you to music. You are here for a purpose. Your music is a gift of the universe to mankind. You have to share it. Perhaps, your music can inspire someone in some distant place.

Maintaining a high spirit, remaining fixed to your goal, and keeping the same enthusiasm are an essential trait if you want to thrive in the music business. Here I have come up with some simple tips that every new artist or musician would surely find helpful in maintaining high spirits while navigating through the challenges of the music business.

  1. Continuously improve your musical gift by learning and discovering new things every day. It should give you a sense of growth and motivation.
  2. Share your knowledge to others by teaching, volunteering, and collaborating with others, especially new artists. This gives you a sense of satisfaction and purpose. For instance if you’re into wind instruments, you can train spend some time with a  local orchestra to teach them or probably write a review site about musical instruments like
  3. Stay positive and stay clear from negativity. People who are envious, unhappy, manipulative and arrogant – keep them to a minimum. Their negative thoughts can be infectious.
  4. Stay fit and healthy. Do some physical activities on your off-days. Try any sports, running or biking.
  5. Know how to enjoy. Partying is good but too much is not. Always maintain your restraint.
  6. Keep your bills in check. The music business is often not a stable source of income, especially for new artists and musicians. As much as possible, keep your finances to the minimum and avoid debts.
  7. Keep your living space clean and orderly. After spending long hours in gigs or practice sessions, all you need is a place to rest. Getting enough rest and relaxation is essential for every artist.
  8. Spend quality time with your family and close friends. Expect a lot of challenges as you go through the music industry. Having the full support and the empowering love of your significant others will surely be helpful.
  9. Take time to be in the outdoors. It should help you appreciate the world – and life itself. Go to the beach or a nearby natural reserve.
  10. Set your goals and be pro-active. Do what you can do now and don’t wait for things to come your way.

Last, and perhaps the most important tip, is to always be yourself! Don’t let the music business change who you are. Remember that your music is a reflection of your person – and that’s what makes it unique!

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Practices Skills

How to Practice Mindfulness and What Is its Benefits

September 1, 2016
How to Practice Mindfulness and What Is its Benefits

Mindfulness is the act of being aware of your surrounding and thoughts. Practicing the art of being mindful has several benefits. It is a very useful tool to make a wide range of improvements to one’s life and overall wellbeing.

In simple terms mindfulness is the act of being aware of things that one usually isn’t aware of. Everyday routines that are normally done on auto-pilot are now being watched under a conscious view.

Being more self aware carry several benefits, imagine being more aware of your emotions and being able to better grasp and understand the way you’re feeling.

This will lead to increased control of mood swings and overall enjoyment of life. This also relieves emotional stress as you are more comfortable with how you are feeling.

Other benefits include improved sleeping, self-esteem boost and improved concentration. Being mindful makes you a lot more concentrated, because you are practicing to be more aware of everything: your surroundings, other people and yourself.

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