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Go Experience the World! Confront Your Fears!

September 29, 2016

Most people are afraid to try new things. I couldn’t blame them.

The fear of the unknown is an instinct inherent to human nature. It’s part of self-preservation that is deeply embedded on any living creature.

We get into patterns, routines and grooves that are less threatening and more comfortable. That’s fine. After all, creating a comfort zone reduces stress and keeps us sane. But this instinctual nature can also hold you back.

At times, fear of trying new experiences can take toll on your development. Confronting the fear of the unknown and stepping out of your comfort zones can give you valuable life lessons.

Here are some reasons why you should step out and explore!

  1. New experiences help you grow as a person.

You learn new lessons when you try new experiences. Many people hesitate to try new things because they are afraid to commit mistakes. But what if you succeed?

Whether you fail or succeed, what is important is that you learn new life lessons and you broaden your perspective. And these lessons are what would make you grow as a person.

Try a life changing experience that you’ve never tried before. Go on a hunting trip to the Sahara desert, but for that you might need to take a look at the latest air rifle models at; go skydiving in some remote Southeast Asian country; immerse into a local tribe. Be bold! Conquer the world!

  1. New challenges increase your creativity.

When confronted with new challenges, your brain is forced to work differently to solve your problems. These are opportunities to enhance your creativity. Again, don’t be afraid to fail. On the contrary, mistakes can even push you harder towards your goal. Remember that no great mind ever invented the best inventions without failing.

Studies have shown that stepping outside of your comfort zone pushes you to work harder towards reaching your peak performance. Having a little anxiety and stress is actually a good thing as it pumps up your adrenaline.

  1. New experiences improve your self-esteem.

Talk to someone who has just completed his/her ever first bungee jump or sky dive or surf stand, he or she certainly feels the king of the world. Conquering new challenges and experiences puts a feather in your cap. The experience can make you feel a little taller and more self-assured. I’m not telling you to go and try extreme adventures, but taking risks and conquering them can make you feel better. Every risk-taking decision is always a life-changing experience.

  1. New things keep you young.

We have the tendency to always play things safe and stay within our comfort zone. As a result, we become stuck. Constantly following the same routine over and over again can make you feel older. It can make your mental capability decline over time.

Participating in new experiences and learning new things can help keep your brain younger and your body more physically fit. Don’t be afraid to take risk and step outside your comfort zone! Keep your heart healthy and your brain younger!