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7 Ultimate Tips To Achieve Inner Peace Now

January 4, 2017

Sometimes life seems to push us over the edge. But worry not as there are ways to dial down heart-hurting stress.

When you are away in a secluded mountaintop or in a serene getaway, finding inner peace is quite easy. But when you are going through the daily grind, when you need inner tranquility the most, attaining serenity is almost impossible. Think of yourself –caught in the middle of a horrendous traffic or getting a demeaning remark in the office. Achieving inner peace in such trying times is certainly difficult!

Truth is, all of us have an inner lama that we can tap be employing strategic mind relaxation techniques. These techniques are very simple to do and you can even include them in your daily routine. You can also turn routine activities into sources of inner peace. For instance, if you own one of the adult trampolines reviewed at and are into a trampoline fitness routine, you can this happy physical exercise into a calming activity.

There are many amazing ways that you can squeeze into your busy day to trigger that inner Dalai Lama in you. Here let’s take a look at some things you can do de-stress amidst a stress-riddled day.

  1. Calming scent

Why wait to visit a spa when you can bring that relaxing vibe wherever you are? Spitz your favorite, calming essential oils. Try chamomile, lavender and mint. It will surely awaken your inner chill.

  1. Try the ho’óponopono

Sounds like a crazy dance step but this Hawaiian ritual is really simple to do. And it should help you tone down in difficult times. Reciting the ho’oponopono mantra several times can help ease your anger and lower down your heart rate. The mantra means “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you!

  1. Herbs to de-stress

Rhodiola is an herb that enables the body to recharge and lighten up stress. There are many other herbs that you can incorporate into your diet.

  1. Plant something

Studies have shown that gardening relieves stress more than any other popular de-stress activities. Microbes in the soil have shown to help lift mood plus the fresh outdoor air can calm the mind.

  1. A grown-up playdate

Spending some great time with your pals, embarking on trampoline workout day, or wearing and jumping in a pair of fancy jumping shoes, or playing a group sport can all help chronically distressed people bounce back and regain inner tranquility.

  1. rise-and-be-like-your-catRise and be like your cat

According to a UK study, getting up as early as 7 AM and doing some stretching can help loosen your muscles and pacify the mind. Cats have been doing and perfecting this routine since creation – No wonder they’re the calmest creature you’ll ever see.

  1. Smile – it’s the best for de-stressing.

The simplest and best mood booster turns out to be a simple smile! Whether you’re caught in a standstill or being nagged by customers or your boss, smiling can bring out that inner peace in you. Studies have shown that smiling and positive thinking can increase the production positive brain chemicals which give a calmer mind.

Though it may be hard to find serenity in a stressful situation, doing any of these tips can help ease your mind and banish worries. Do it more often and you’ll find peace of mind!

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