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5 Exercises To Help You Shape Up For Your Next Trek!

October 2, 2016

For many people, one of the entries in their bucket list is to climb the peak of a mountain. This is a lofty goal that many would love to achieve in their lifetime.

And surely, there are a lot of things that you can learn about life as you trek towards the peak. The experience that you gain as you climb can have a profound impact in your journey towards self-discovery. Once you are on top, it gives you much pride and a source of inspiration.

But even before you train your eyes towards your lofty goal, you have to go through physical training for the trek. The training is an essential part of the entire experience.

Sure, you can trek any mountain with nothing but a pocket of determination and a song in your mind. But you’re surely in for a shock.

Without physical training or at least a good level of fitness, you might find trekking to be quite a challenge. The cost of trekking is paid in sweat. Aching muscles and painful limbs are your symbols of honor. The reward? Some of the world’s stunning, pristine and untouched sceneries.

But you can make the experience a lot easier and more enjoyable if you invest time on pre-trip training. I’m not saying that you need to train like a tri-athlete to reach the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro; you just need to prepare and train for the hike. And to help you shape up for your next trip, we’ve come up with this list of simple exercises.

  1. Walk.

This one is quite obvious – the best way to prepare for your trek is to embark on daily long walks. You can start small and gradually build up to prepare your body for the length of the trek. During the first week, you can do walks every other day, but as the date nears and as you improve, you can do long walks each day. It is recommended that you are able to walk comfortably for at least 6 hours.

  1. Leg workout.

While long walks are still the best exercise, you can also explore other leg-based cardio workout. Sports like football, soccer and swimming are all perfect, but for a faster muscle building, you try cycling. Full body work outs like mixed martial arts are also great for shaping up, but for this exercise, you would need to invest in martial arts gears like those found on this review site. Do various exercises to

  1. Walk right.

It might seem unusual but some people do walk the wrong way. This wouldn’t matter if you’re just walking around your office, but when your trekking 3 miles of hilly terrain, any wrong stride or step can lead to sore calves and feet. Train the right way of walking. Make sure that the heel touches the ground first then roll on your toe which you use to move for your next step. Walking the right way can help prevent painful tendon pulls and shin splints. Your body should also be aligned – head up and not slouching forward.

  1. Train on different terrain.

Remember that you’ll be hiking on a rugged terrain and not on flat, level surface. Go to a nearby hill to try and mimic the terrain of your destination. Read about the terrain of the mountain or hill you plan to trek and attempt to recreate these conditions. This should prepare your feet, knees, calves and ankles for the kind of stress it will sustain on the escapade.

  1. Carry a backpack.

Carry a backpack while training. Keep it stuffed with solid weight to make it more challenging. Do this every day to train your body muscles for the actual trek. This will help make the eventual trek feel like a breeze.

There you have it! Do these five simple exercises daily several weeks before your trek and you’ll surely find the hike just like a walk in the park!