10 Insanely Easy Practices to Increase Your Well Being

August 28, 2016
10 Insanely Easy Practices to Increase Your Well Being

There are many ways to improve your inner well-being. On my journey of life I’ve discovered that your mind and emotions have a direct connection on your physical health.

In this article I compiled a list of top ten things that can indirectly increase you inner and outer well-being.

Check them out:

  • OM mantra chanting. The original mantra for meditation used by Buddhist monks, signifies the cycle of the universe; birth, death and rebirth. Om hummed at a low frequency during meditation is said to give a harmonic oneness with your surroundings and a deeper resonance with the universe, to be at peace with self.
  • This trait signifies intelligence and social assertiveness. Laughter releases endorphins: “the feel good drug”, which also strengthens the immune system. Try laughing at least once a day and the benefits will be more than you ever know!
  • Show Gratitude. Gratitude is being appreciative, thankful and be willing to show kindness. Acting like this every day will help you to become more appreciative of yourself and others. Showing gratitude attracts a positive energy towards you – why not try doing it every day?

  • Finding a passion. Doing something that interests you, evokes positive emotions and reinforces positive neural pathways in your brain. For example poetry, singing, dancing, swimming and chess, or other things will help you to increase your overall focus and gain positive feelings.
  • Practice positivity. Negativity is a draining thing to do. So why not try being positive? Being positive is like wearing glasses with rainbow lenses. It doesn’t affect your judgement or logical thinking; it just allows you to see a good thing or two even in the worst possible situation. Be positive!
  • Learning to let go of negative emotions. Emotions are the part of our sub-consciousness and what makes us effectively a human being. If we learn to let go negative emotions, we learn to accept ourselves and move on.
  • Being humble is as important as anything on the list. By being acceptant you are extending gratitude and radiating positive energy, which creates a positive aura around you.
  • Risk taking. To take risks means that you have come to terms that life has ups and downs. Without risks you won’t learn and grow from the experiences. This helps you to build confidence. So take a risk today and see where it leads you.
  • Inspiration comes in many forms. It helps you to evoke positive emotions into creating something good.
  • It’s important at the end of each day to look back and think what you did wrong or how could you have done something better.

These ten life advice helped me to improve overall quality of my life. I hope that using these will help you too!

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